About Us

About Us
New-New STUFF is a privately held corporation that provides care packages. One of our main focuses is providing inmate care packages.
Our main purpose is to provide you and your loved ones with a wide variety of a of name brand and quality products at the lowest cost. Our dedication in providing care packages will help assure that your packages are shipped and delivered in an accurate and timely manner.
We are committed to ensuring that issues do not occur with our company and/or our products. If for some reason, your package is not correct “ We Will Fix It” at no additional expense to you.
In addition to inmate care packages we also provide care packages for Military Personnel and Residential Customers. We are dedicated to supporting our clients and we are focused on meeting the holistic and everyday needs of our customers and their loved ones.
Our business hours are set so that they will best serve the needs of all of our clients.New-New Stuff and our staff are here to serve you. We are committed to providing you the best customer service and customer care  possible. New-New Stuff will be the best place to shop for your care package needs.

Our Mission & Company Story

Our Mission

New-New Stuff’s mission is committed to providing a one-stop internet shopping experience for family members and friends of incarcerated or military individuals. We provide a wide variety of name-brand and quality products at low cost. As a superior e-business organization, we are dedicated to supporting our clients who are focused on meeting the holistic needs of their loved ones.

Company Story

New-New Stuff is an online one-stop shopping experience to purchase a wide range of products at low costs. We are now raising capital to fund New-New Stuff’s main headquarters and warehouse location. Our line of products that we offer have proven to be cost effective as family members and friends support loved ones while they are away from home. We possess the potential of being a community based business that supports community based initiatives to end gang violence and youth criminal activity as well as events that support today’s youth in living positive and productive lives.

The ideation associated with New-New Stuff came to the minds of Antonia Guidry and Calvin Alls during a conversation in the beginning of the year 2016. Antonia Guidry, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder along with Calvin Alls, the Warehouse Manager discussed how Antonia witnessed a few family members shopping habits as they purchased items to send a loved one who was in the military. During the course of four hours, Antonia’s family member had driven to four different stores to accumulate the items they desired to send within the care package. After gathering all of the much needed items, Antonia and her family drove to the post office to purchase a box as well as shipping products and then spent money to ship the box to their loved one. Antonia said “We spent nearly an entire day shopping for the best quality merchandise (good stuff) just to accumulate the items being sent in the care package!”

Calvin shared his experience as he was helping a long-time female friend of his family shop for the items that the prison system would allow to be sent to her son. Calvin told Antonia “It seemed that we had to drive to different stores to get different things and she did not want to send him any cheap t-shirts, she wanted to send him durable ‘stuff’ and YES, it takes too much time and gas and there has got to be a better way!” Together they formed ‘New-New Stuff,’ an internet based company designed to assist customers in need of a one-stop shopping experience with a savings on time and gas that would otherwise be spent driving to various stores as well as the post office.